GOP senator changes vote, rips Trump’s attorneys

GOP senator changes vote, rips Trump's attorneys
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Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana has joined the Democrats in the vote against ending the impeachment trial of Donald Trump on Tuesday.

The lawyers are doing a terrible job of arguing their case is the reason of this surprise reversal.

Cassidy was one among the six Republican senators who have sided with the Democrats on the decision whether Trump can be tried after he is no longer president.

He voted in January to end the proceedings and now his position switched.

Louisiana being a conservative state and Cassidy switching sides gained him criticism from the Republicans. But, as is said, the Democrat’s impeachment attorneys were “focused, they were organized,” relying on precedent and legal scholars, Trump’s attorneys “were disorganized, random, had nothing,” according to Cassidy.

He also said after the vote that “They talked about many things, but they didn’t talk about the issue at hand,”

However, he said that this is not a sign that he will vote for the former president to be convicted. He even refused to comment on whether he thinks that Trump committed an offence that he needs to e impeached for.

 “I have not yet decided on how I will vote,” he said about the vote.

When the Republican Party of Louisiana issued a statement that criticized Cassidy and his vote, John Kennedy, the Louisiana GOP said that they were “profoundly disappointed” by the vote.

 “We feel that an impeachment trial of a private citizen is not only an unconstitutional act, but also an attack on the very foundation of American democracy, which will have far reaching and unforeseen consequences for our republic,” said the statement.

 “I have not spoken to him, but I can tell you a lot of people from back home are calling me about it right now,” said Republican Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana.

Earlier in December a local women’s club sent Cassidy a letter that explained how “betrayed” they felt by his acceptance of the Biden presidential election.

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