COVID-19 may have emerged outside of Wuhan

COVID-19 may have emerged outside of Wuhan
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There has been discovered an early data on studies that went unpublished that state the COVID-19 could have been around Wuhan for weeks according the the Chinese lead of the World Health Organization team.

Dr. Liang Wannian, who is the Chinese lead of the international team, including the World Health Organization, during a press conference said that  “This indicates the possibility of the missed reported circulation in other regions,”

Knowing that the first cases of COVID-19 were reported in Wuhan, a city of around 11 million in population on the Yangtze River in the central Hubei province back in December of 2019.

The team first arrived in Wuhan on the 14th of January, and after completing 14 quarantine days they visited the key sites such as the Huanan seafood market and the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The Huanan seafood market was linked to the early infections. And the Wuhan Institute of Virology is involved in the research of COVID-19.

The expert WHO team said that the Chinese side granted them full access to all of the sites, which was not a level of openness that they had expected.

Peter Daszak said that the members of the team submitted a detailed list of places and the people to be included in the investigation and that they raised no objections.

“We were asked where we wanted to go. We gave our hosts a list … and you can see from where we’ve been, we’ve been to all the key places,” he quotes.

In the late 2019, China faced a major criticism for downplaying the severity of the initial outbreak of the mysterious, pneumonia-like illness and for not informing the WHO about the human to human transmission.

Last month, a WHO team went to Wuhan in order to piece together the origin of the COVID-19 virus outbreak and to answer questions about how to prevent future outbreaks.

At first, the two members of the WHO delegation of scientists were denied entry to China and were kept in Singapore after testing positive for antibodies of COVID-19, but just a week later they were released.

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