Angry Tory rebels on the Government blocking voting on ‘genocide amendment’

Angry Tory rebels on the Government blocking voting on 'genocide amendment'

The government is accused by Angry Tory rebels of playing “arcane procedural games” that demean the democracy so the revolt on allowing the courts to determine genocide is curbed.

China Hawks had hoped to vote in the Commons on Tuesday on their Trade Bill amendment, that intends to give English judges the power to rule on whether China’s abuse on Uighur is genocide.

This would be the second time the amendment was put into a division in the House, since the 33 Tory MPs rebelled in order to support it last month. And the amendment was passed twice by the Lords.

However, now the government has put this amendment together with another one which blocks the MPs from voting on it as an individual project.

Now, the Tory rebels are making plans of fighting the try and pass the amendment. They’re expected to re-insert the amendment when the Bill returns to the Lords.

The former Tory leader, Sir Iain Duncan Smith has accused the ministers of ‘resorting to parliamentary chicanery’ instead of allowing the fair votes.

He said that “The Government has run out of arguments and is now using arcane procedural games which demean our democracy and the House of Commons. We should be allowed a straight vote,”

He has also urged colleagues to vote against the other gov backed amendment that deals with the genocide issue and was tabled by the Common Justice Committee chairman Sir Bob Neill.

Sir Bob Neill’s proposal suggests that allowing the Common Foreign Affairs Committee and the Lords International Relations and Defence Committee to be able to mae the genocide pronouncements, with a right of calling for debate at the Parliament.

Both the preliminary committees rejected the proposal by citing the concerns that the declarations wouldn’t have legal weight and thus stand judicial judgment.

 “Vote against Neill and let the Lords get us that vote.” Said Sir Iain to the MPs

The chairman of the all party parliamentary group for Holocaust Memorial, Bob Blackman said that  “Today was Parliament’s chance to make ‘never again’ a reality, yet instead the Government has chosen to deny a clear majority of the House of Commons a chance to vote. Genocide is not a game and ‘Global Britain’ should be above this political gamesmanship.”

And the Labor chairman f the Committee on Standards, Chris Bryant said that

 “It’s appalling that the Government has abused its power over the order paper to ban any vote in the Commons on the Genocide amendment from the Lords. I can only presume it knows it would lose but that shows scant regard for MPs, for parliament or for those facing genocide.”

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